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Tên sản phẩm: Bộ khuếch đại tín hiệu hồng ngoại điều khiển NU101-2AV

Mã sản phẩm: Bộ mở rộng tín hiệu hồng ngoại cho điều khiển từ xa Bộ khuếch đại tín hiệu hồng ngoại điều khiển NU101-2AV

Giá cũ :

Giá bán : 350.000 VNÐ

Thiết bị khuếch đại tín hiệu hồng ngoại cho điều khiển; Thiết bị mở rộng tín hiệu hồng ngoại cho điều khiển từ xa;Thiết bị kéo dài tín hiệu cho các thiết bị điều khiển từ xa Tivi,DVD....

AV Splitter 1 – 2 over CAT5E/ CAT6 with Remote Control IR Extender/ IR Repeater USB 5V Power NU101-2AV 

NU101-2AV is a device which enables up to TWO Televisions sharing ONE AV equipment/ Player of a distance of 100m via CAT5E/CAT6 with Infrared Remote Control. 

To enjoy the program ( TV ) in the comfort of your room, you may use the remote control in your room to control the AV Equipment/ Player which is stationed in the hall as long as NU101-2AV is linked up. 

NU101-2AV has an in built AV amplifier which will stabilize all the images transmitted 
Anti-interference design with the aid of powered lines distribution, it reduced interference during transmission hence improved the AV quality 
Able to remote control Set up box or AV players ( Hall ) if you are watching TV in the room








1. Enable 2 televisions display ( different location ) from a single source of Electronics Appliance/ Player 100m apart. Example :  having the Player/ Appliances in the hall but watching it in the hall or room. 

2. Using the Remote Control in the room with the aid of the inbuilt IR sensor which had an IR Receiver & IR Emitter. Remote signal will be sent to the Player/ Appliances ( Hall )








1. Transmitting Host distributing an Emitter of length 1m, RJ45 Port, USB cable 1m for power, 1 set of AV RCA Male cable, 0.35m 1 set of AV RCA Female Cable 0.35m. 

2. Receiving Host with a receiver of length 2m, RJ45 Port and 1 set of AV RCA Male cable 0.35m 

3. USB 5V 500mAh Adaptor ( May connects to USB Port on Player/ Appliances for power using a USB cable or Using USB 5V adaptor ( Included in package ) 

4. Instruction Manual









Sensitive remote control IR sensor. Real time transmission without delay or interference even when a few appliances are transmitting signals at the same time. 

Resistant to fluorescent interference. This product has the anti-interference ability to use in the fluorescent environment. 

LED indication. The receiver will be lighted with Green LED when the power is on and flashes Red during the course of command from remote control indicating the transmission of signal to Emitter is in progress. 

Low Power Consumption. Power is less than 0.3w 

AV transmitted signal. No interference, clearer image and more stable as compare to Wireless or RF transmission. 

Transmission distance; UTP CAT5E/ CAT6 Network Cable Ordinary 8-core copper lines transmit:50 - 100meters 







Example : To install a DVD player to 2 TVs at different locations. ( Eg. Hall & Room ) 

Connection Procedure for HALL 
1. Connect AV RCA Male cable on Transmitting Host to the DVD player AV output
2. Connect the Female RCA cable on Transmitting Host to TV 1 AV Input ( Hall ) 
3. Stick the Emitter on the IR point of the DVD player. 
4. Connect to power with the USB Adaptor or USB cable to Player/ Appliance if USB port is available. 


Connection Procedure for ROOM 
1. Connect the AV RCA Male Cable on Receiving Host to the TV-2 AV RCA Input ( Room ). 

Joint the Receiving Host RJ45 Port ( Room ) & Transmitting Host RJ45 Port ( Hall ) using UTP Network Cable CAT5E. ( Max 100m ) & turn on the power of USB Adaptor. 
Now you may choose to watch in either location with the Remote Control respectively. See picture below.








1. Is there any remote control included in the package? 
No remote control is included as you will only be using the remote Control of the Player/ Appliance. 

2. Can I watch different channels in the hall and room? 
No product of such exist in the market currently 

3. What happen if there is interference ? 
Kindly check the quality of the UTP Network cable used. Ensure it is of good quality CAT5E/ CAT6.

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